Friday, October 07, 2005

On negotiations for Kosovo's status


ORA[Opposition Party] leader and member of Kosovo negotiation team Veton Surroi continues his piece on the developments regarding resolution of Kosovo status.

Again talking about how events will unfold in the future, Surroi says the venue
of talks will be Guntherschloss, Austria, while the fina l decision will be taken in Britain.
Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, who will mediate in talks, will ask from EU what the Union is ready to do after Kosovo status is defined, says Surroi.
“Kosovo authorities should have a clear view of what we are capable of doing, but Belgrade should also know this,” Surroi writes, quoting Ahtisaari.

Surroi illustrates a hypothetical situation during talks whereby Serbia’s position that they are ready to negotiate on everything except independence is put to test. On this, “our minister put a straightforward question to Draskovic and Kostunica: You really think you would agree to have a Kosovo Albanian, say Agim Çeku, become Serbia’s Defence Minister? Because your offer for status may lead to this direction,” writes Surroi. Koha Ditore

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