Thursday, October 27, 2005

PM Bajram Kosumi returns from his visit in Albania

All Kosovo Dailies cover the two-day visit of Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi to Albania. He was invited by his counterpart Sali Berisha.

“The process of definition of final status is being launched and the Government of Kosovo is ready together with the entire political class and the people of Kosovo to take on all the responsibilities of a government and a country to move the country forward,” Kosumi said at Pristina Airport immediately following his return from
Albania, write dailies.

Koha Ditore reports that both the Albanian Government and the Opposition there support the independence of Kosovo, and that Kosumi has been ensured about the full support of Tirana for the status process. During the frequent meetings with Albanian officials, Kosumi briefed them on the
situation in Kosovo and stressed the importance of active cooperation between Kosovo and Albania.F.F

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