Tuesday, October 25, 2005

President organized the ‘Darka e Lames’ [Thanksgiving dinner]

Yesterday’s traditional “Thanksgiving” dinner organized by President Rugova
was the focus of today’s press. Koha quotes Rugova as saying “We thank God
for the goods he has given to us during this year,” noting that Kosovo had a
better yield in agriculture than other years. He reiterated that the recognition
of independence would accelerate the economic development. Many local and
international, political and security figures were present, says the paper.

Darka e Lames is an ancient Ilyrian tradition celebrated since 500 B.C. Rugova also jokingly praclaimed that he is the one of the best historians of the Illyrian/Albanian History. Ancient Illyrian symbols adore the walls of his offfice. F.F
RTK and Kosovo dailies.


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