Thursday, October 20, 2005

Slovenian President: Kosovo is already Independent and should remain so

Prishtina-Kosovo[Kosova]. -- President of Slovenia, Janez Drnovsek, said in a press conference in Kosovo capital Pristina that the only realistic option for solution to the Kosovo status is independence, which according to Drnovsek "already exists".
President Drnovsek was in Pristina for talks with the Kosovo Albanian leadership where he offered his home country, Slovenia, to host a negotiators meeting between Serbia, Kosovo Albanians and the international community.

In Drnovsek's opinion, everyone, including Serbia, will profit if the status of Kosovo is solved. Slovenia urges Belgrade authorities to accept Kosovo's independence through a series of informal meetings so that the specifics of the independence should emerge at a future point.
Meanwhile, says Drnovsek, a two-day informal meetings could be organized in Slovenia in order to "improve communication and to deal with mistrust" that exists between Kosovo Albanians and Belgrade.

Serbian officials have reacted with dismay to his comments. The president of Serbia-Montenegro, Svetozar Marovic, on Thursday canceled an upcoming visit by Janez Drnovsek over his comments, a statement from the president's office said. Marovic said he had "looked forward very much" to the Nov. 2 visit, meant to "improve friendly relations and strengthen already flourishing political and economic ties".

In a related note, local media in Kosovo have been reporting that the U.S administration is putting pressure on Macedonia and Montenegro to reconize Kosovo's Independence ahead of talks. According to a Serbian website the prime ministers of Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro might publicly embrace the prospect of an independent Kosovo at a joint meeting before November 10th, when status talks are expected to begin.

This weekend, Buckovski will meet with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha to discuss bilateral relations and the issue of Kosovo's status. Berisha has already met with the Kosovo's UN administrator Søren Jessen-Petersen as well as Montenegro authorities.
On Sunday, Buckovski will go to Washington where he is expected to declare that Macedonia has dramatically improved its communications with Kosovo Albanian authorities.Yesterday Mr. Buckovski held a meeting in Skopje with Bajram Kosumi, Kosovo's Prime Minister. This series of seemingly coorditated events have made the Serbian leadership nervous. There is a sense in Serbia that this is an American and Albanian conspiracy to isolate the country and grant Kosovo independence. F.F


Anonymous said...

God Bless Slovenia

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

God bless Janez Drnovsek!

It's a beautiful world.

Anonymous said...

Slovenia stuck up for Kosovo in the late 1980s against Milosevic. They are now doing it again.

Thank you Slovenia!

Anonymous said...

The statement made by Mr. Janez Drnovsek... are words that never will get forgotten. Thank you President and the Republic of Slovenia for your involvement

Pride Albanian!

Anonymous said...

I know that You Albanians are happy when You hear about comments like this.
Unfortunantly Kosovo is idenpendent now, and we, Serbs, can't do anything about it.

God bless PEACE and not Drnovsek or USA!

I hope everyone agree ...

Oh yeah ... I don't agree that Kosovo belongs to Albanians (hystory dose not alow me to think that way), but also, I do not agree with genocide on Your people that Milosevic made. And pls... Don't tell that UCK is not guilty too ...

- Sad Serb

Anonymous said...

hey sad serb how many serbs died buy the uck how many uck rape and killed children dont come here and b.s us uck fougth and too protect the albanian people arkan army raped and killed woman and children albanians should be free just like the rest of the balkans over and out from blackeagle

Anonymous said...

this is too sad serb why are the serbs returning the body of the dead albanians back too kosova show me the dead serbs that are in mass graves you have nothing all you serbs do is lie and lie pls leave us albanians alone so we can live peace without you serbs bothering us god bless the dead and the albanians freedom is not cheap we paid from blood !over and out blackeagle!

Anonymous said...

omg, wtf? cant ppl c that not only albanians are troubling in kosovo, bu in tetovo macedonia and northern greece. i hav a friend who was greek, he lived in northern greece and albanians beat him up beacuse he didnt want to move. even tho the albanians moved there in the 1980s. >|
if u take a look at history first albanians moved into kosovo in 1974, whereas the serbs were there for hundereds of years.