Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kosovo Assembly to reconfirm the will of the people

“Assembly members not to vote on independence – they will reconfirm the will
of the people”, says Koha Ditore headline on the front page adding that the
wording of the Resolution has been softened.

“Patriotism other times”, says Express. The resolution will be approved today, but
with changed text. Rugova, Daci and Thaçi agree on it, says Express. They know
now that they cannot afford to break with the entire ‘world’. Before the session is
due, LDK and PDK experts are going to prepare the final text, says the paper.

Zëri and Epoka e Re wonder whether the Assembly is going to vote on
reconfirming the will of the people or on declaring Kosovo independent.
Zëri quotes Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi as saying that the Kosovo Assembly
should adopt a platform for the Kosovo Delegation that would guide the talks.

According to the PM, the platform should explicitly state that the people of
Kosovo want to have an independent and sovereign state.

All dailies cover the meeting of the Assembly speaker Nexhat Daci and the chief
of the opposition parties Hashim Thaçi yesterday after senior international
officials expressed against unilateral decisions.F.F

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