Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kosovo De Facto independent from Serbia and Montenegro

(Copenhagen, DTT-NET.COM) - A analysis report of Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) says UN administrated province of Kosovo is already independent from Serbia and Montenegro union and that the talks approved last week by UN Security Council (SC) to begin, will be focused on how to make the current status reality from legal aspect.

The author Niels Aadal Rasmussen in his analysis tackles the possible independence of Kosovo from a legal point of view including the roles that major powers involved (US and EU) have to play during and after the status determination process.

Under UN SC Resolution 1244/99 agreed on 10 June 1999, Kosovo continued to remain an integral part of the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro). UN SC 1244/99 provided for an interim civilian administration run by the UN mission (UNMIK) and the presence of NATO-led peace-keeping forces.

Ethnic Albanians which represent more than 90 percent of some 2 million inhabitants are insisting on final split from Serbia and want Kosovo to become independent state, a demand which Belgrade authorities reject and want the province to remain inside the Serbia-Montenegro union.

The UNSC last week endorsed the start of talks on the future status of the province between Kosovo and Serbia authorities which are to be coordinated by former Finnish President Martti Ahtissari.

“Kosovo is already de facto independent from Serbia and the status negotiations are therefore centred on how to make this status permanent as it is the wish of the Kosovo Albanians”, Rasmussen says in his report.
Below you can read the whole report in English:

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