Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kosovo Negotiations Team meets UN Status Envoy

The main story in the Kosovo daily press is yesterday’s meeting between the Kosovo
Negotiations Team and the UN Status Envoy Martti Ahtisaari. Zëri reports that the
Negotiations Team has submitted to Ahtisaari the document about the vision of
Kosovans on final status. Express carries the full copy of the document. Koha
Ditore reports that Kosovan leaders have asked for support from Ahtisaari and the
international community in implementing the aspirations of the people of Kosovo
for independence.

Asked if he was satisfied with the course of the first meeting, the UN Status Envoy
was quoted as saying, “Yes, we have started”.
President Ibrahim Rugova said the key issues in the document submitted to
Ahtisaari were the independence of Kosovo, integration in EU and NATO, and
security and guarantee for the minorities.

PDK leader Hashim Thaçi said the meeting with Ahtisaari was a good start. Thaçi
also said the Kosovan delegation presented clear and united positions for the
building of an independent and sovereign state of Kosovo.

Under the headline Impregnation of the state, Express carries on the front page a
picture of President Rugova and Ahtisaari shaking hands. The subheader of the
picture reads: “Starting from Tuesday, 22 November 2005, if there are no
obstacles during the process, next year there will be a new state in the world.
Kosovo”. The paper also quotes Ahtisaari’s deputy Albert Rohan as saying that he
has witnessed a united front.

Several dailies report that while the meeting was going on inside the Presidential
Residence, members of the Movement for Self-Determination held a peaceful
protest by throwing red colour on the streets that lead to the Residence. The press
quotes leader of the movement, Albin Kurti, as saying that the red colour
symbolises blood of martyrs and victims.

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