Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kosovo Serbs should go in talks as third party

PRISTINA, Nov. 4, 2005 (KosovaLive) – The Head of the Serb List for Kosovo and Metohija (SLKM) Oliver Ivanovic told KosovaLive on Wednesday that Kosovo Serbs should go neither with Belgrade nor with Pristina in the talks for determining of Kosovo’s future.

Ivanovic stressed that Kosovo Serbs political representatives have not made yet any final decision for that. “However the best way to protect the interest of Kosovo Serbs is to go as the third party in the talks, which means neither with Belgrade nor with Pristina.”

Ivanovic said that in the finish of the talks “when the so called plenary sessions will start”, the Kosovo Serb delegation could join Belgrade.


Besi from Pristina said...

Finally, K-Serbs are awakening and realizing that Belgrade is not protecting their rights, as a matter of fact Belgrade is using them for their political gains. Unfortunately some of the western capitals are backing Belgrade’s policies towards Kosovo, as they say for the sake of democracy in Serbia, This is awkward leaving Kosovo in a Limbo and risking everything that has been done in the last 6 years just for the sake of democracy in Serbia, on the other hands Serbia and Serbs in general have understood that thy have lost Kosovo in 1999 so except some demonstrations that will take place in Serbia no one rely predicts that anything more serious will happen, well probably local Rakia will be sold more and some patriotic songs will be composed that’s about it.

oleg said...

yeh they can create their own party BUT i rather them side with belgrade than pristina. i still dont understand how people are disputing over kosovo while ETHNIC CLEANSING is going on. i dont understand how we (serbs) can be losing kosovo...doesnt the west see anything wrong? where is nato now? mater vam jebem. trust me...if they take kosovo that wont solve anything, wherever it goes. kosovo has been a battlefield since the 1400's my family's from there. what some boundary lines on a map say is different from what people will do. the next slice from serbia: novi sad. its like we're africa in the 1800's. haha. lets just get in the EU first dammit and lets stop murdering our own PMs...