Monday, November 21, 2005

Martti Ahtisaari arrives in Pristina

All daily newspapers are reporting on the front pages that UN status envoy Martti
Ahtisaari will arrive in Pristina today. Koha Ditore cites sources within the
Kosovo Negotiations Team as saying that their meeting with Ahtisaari will take
place on Tuesday and not on Monday as was previously announced. The headline
that Koha uses for the article is Ahtisaari awaited by three resolutions on Kosovo,
illustrating the two resolutions in favour of Kosovo’s independence (one adopted
by the Kosovo Assembly and the other by the Parliament of Albania) and the third
resolution which the Serbian Parliament is expected to adopt today. The paper also
quotes UNMIK DPI Director Hua Jiang as saying that Ahtisaari will meet today
with SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen.

Zëri reports that after Pristina, Ahtisaari will visit Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje and
Tirana. Citing sources close to his team, the paper also notes that the chief
negotiator will return to the region in January 2006. In a separate article, Zëri says
that one day before the meeting with Ahtisaari, the Kosovan side will make the
final preparations for the document that prepares Pristina’s position on the
resolution of Kosovo’s final status. Skender Hyseni, advisor to President Rugova,
told Zëri that the Kosovan side is prepared for the first meeting with Ahtisaari and
expects the meeting to go smoothly.

Kosova Sot quotes Kolë Berisha, member of the Political Group, as saying that
today Ahtisaari will get to know the position of the Kosovo Negotiations Team –
full independence.

Under the front-page headline Ahtisaari in favour of conditional independence?,
Epoka e Re recalls that Ahtisaari was head of the International Crisis Group,
“which in the last couple of years has advocated conditional independence for

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