Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More hate crimes in Serbia

NOVI SAD, BELGRADE -- Tuesday – More racist graffiti has appeared in Novi Sad.

An anti-Muslim message was sprayed on the wall of the Maxi supermarket last night, hours after Serbia-Montenegro Human and Minority Rights Minister Rasim Ljajic helped officials of the Vojvodina governmental administrations paint over the anti-Hungarian graffiti that appeared in the region several days ago.

According to Radio 021, the Novi Sad police have arrested the perpetrators, while the Vojvodina institutions are giving conflicting information that the investigation is ongoing. Ljajic has announced that the penalties for graffiti whose content is of a racist and offensive nature will be more severe.

Another incident occurred in Belgrade last night, where a building belonging to the Christian Adventist Church was pelted with rocks and windows on the front door were shattered.

The sign in front of the building was also taken down. According to the Ministry of Religion, the authorities have been notified of the incident by church officials and are investigating the act of vandalism. The ministry said that the perpetrators of the crime must be arrested and forces to pay a fine that will pay for the damage done to the church building.

“The Ministry of Religion is sorry to report to the public that all churches and religious communities in Serbia are from time to time subjected to similar attacks of intolerance, most frequently the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Christian Adventist Church.” the statement reads, adding that these acts “nullify the progress that the Serbian Government has made in protecting religious freedoms and allowing all churches and religious communities to exist without discrimination.” B92

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that those hate mongers are at it again. If it's not Islam, then it's non-orthodox christianity, that can be attacked by the those who continue living in the past, those bad old days of rule under Milosevic and his gansters.

I also suppose that as Serbia sees itself disintegrating from the inside (as opposed to its disintegration from the former Yugoslavia), i.e., the pending loss of Kosovo, its people will start to strike out against those who are the least protected. Such cowards!

Have not the biggest losers in the Balkans realized yet what is obvious to the rest of the world? That the more you all behave in such a primitive and ignorant manner, the more real estate you are bound to lose.

Keep in mind that the peoples of the Sandzak and Vojvodina are carefully watching Serbia's behavior. The more hateful the Serb's continue being, the more everyone will want to finally secede from what's left of Serbia.

Learn to Love brothers...
Soul Man