Monday, November 14, 2005

National unification – real option if Kosovo’s aspiration not met

Koha Ditore carries an interview ORA leader Veton Surroi gave to Albanian newspaper ‘Klan’.
“The idea of national unification of Albanians cannot be ignored by a government or a
political class on this side or the other side of the border…but it will live forever not
only as an ideal, but as a real political option if the aspirations of the Albanian people
in the Balkans are not satisfied,” Surroi said.

In this context he commented on the statement of the Albanian politician from
FYROM, Arbën Xhaferi, who said that the unification of Albania and Kosovo is an
option. “Mr. Xhaferi, and I agree with him, is simply elaborating that there is not only
one solution. For the national cause, there are several solutions, and national
unification, although in contradiction to the Contact Group stance, is an option that
will be present for as long as there is no satisfactory solution for the Kosovo issue,”
Surroi said.

Talking about the appointment of former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari as UN’s
status envoy, Surroi said that it is an advantage, as Ahtisaari is experienced and
familiar with some of the aspects of the issue.
Regarding some disagreements that have appeared in the Negotiations Team, he said
that perhaps it is better that they appeared at the beginning of the process, so that they
can be avoided and solved sooner rather than later.
On the Security Council decision in favour of the launch of status talks, Surroi said
that it was an expected moment and for sure it has its ‘historical dimension’, adding
that the decision was expected much earlier.

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