Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NATO Admiral Harry Ulrich visits Kosovo

Kosovo daily Zëri reports that the commander of the NATO’s joint forces
command, Admiral Harry Ulrich paid a visit to Kosovo yesterday, and held
separate meetings with Kosovo leaders and with UNMIK.

“He exchanged views with his interlocutors on the situation in Kosovo. All his
meetings were informal”, said KFOR’s spokesperson Peter Buch, according to
the paper.

Zëri quotes unnamed sources saying that the Admiral also met with KPC
General, Agim Çeku, ORA leader Veton Surroi, Kosovo Serb leader
Oliver Ivanovic and co-ordinator of the status working groups, Blerim Shala.

Admiral Ulrich said that NATO is carefully monitoring the development of the situation in Kosovo on the eve of negotiations on Kosovo’s status and is
determined to react to any attempt to threaten its stability.

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