Friday, November 11, 2005

Neo-Nazi groups appear in Serbia

BELGRADE -- Friday -- Any further incidents of hooligan attacks such as that which occurred in the Philosophy Faculty of Novi Sad University yesterday will be strongly sanctioned, Education Minister Slobodan Vuksanovic said today.

Police were killed to the university yesterday after a group of 25 young men disrupted an event being held to mark International Anti-Fascism Day.

“The appropriate services will deal with this; what has now happened in the Philosophy Faculty in Novi Sad and any other similar incidents of hooliganism under any banner at all will be prevented,” Vuksanovic told B92.

The director of the Belgrade Centre for Human Lights, Vojin Dimitrijevic, said that the emergence of Fascist and neo-Nazi groups in Serbia had become acceptable social behaviour.

“I would say here that we need this. When we coddle the memory of Fascism, when we glorify General Milan Nedic, what has happened here smells so much of him. Some kind of Fascistic, Nazistic, anti-Semitic literature which has never been published in Serbia has been published recently. Excuse the parallel, but a family in which a cured alcoholic lives shouldn’t keep brandy on every table,” Dimitrijevic told B92.

Yesterday’s incident was not the first appearance of the group calling itself the National Order. Police laid criminal complaints against members of the organisation over anti-Semitic graffiti in March, but state prosecutors have so far failed to take action. B92

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