Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Northern Mitrovica for sale

Express reports that the northern part of Mitrovica is being emptied of its Albanian
population while Belgrade has begun construction of a block of flats in the “Little
Bosnia” neighbourhood.

“While this is going on, the municipal administration feels helpless in undertaking
anything,” writes the paper. Flats once belonging to the Albanian population living in
the three skyscrapers in the north of the city are now being bought by a “phantom
organization”, Express reports.

The paper goes on to note that those who sell their property in the north are, at best,
considered by the majority Albanians living in the south as “cowards”, a factor which
makes the northern residents hide the fact that they sold their flats.
Lajm also talks about Mitrovica and quotes local government officials as saying that
the fate of the city should be an essential issue to be tackled in the Kosovo status

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Anonymous said...

Kjo eshte arsyeja me forte pse shqiptaret duhet te lejojne kthimin e Serbeve. Urrejta e shqiptareve per Serbet e Kosoves eshte shkurtpamesi qe do t'na kushtoj shume ne te ardhmen e afert.