Friday, November 25, 2005

Police seize Albanian flags

Presevo Valley-Serbia
During passenger and vehicle check up at the Depce security checkpoint, the
police have found 119 Albanian flags in the vehicle driven by Idriz Aliju from
Presevo. Since Aliju didn’t have a trade permit and the documentation, the flags
were seized. The police pressed charges against him over the suspicion that he
had performed a criminal offense of banned trade.

On a related note, RTK reported yesterday that Albanians of the Presevo Valley
are gearing up to celebrate 28th November for the first time [Albanian national Flag Day].
Previously Albanians in this region were not allowed to celebrate 28th November
because the Serb government didn’t allow it.
Serb government agreed to allow Albanians to celebrate their Flag Day after peace
negotiations that ended the armed conflict in 2000. This incident will most likely be
seen by Albanians as an attempt by Serbian government to prevent the celebration.

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