Wednesday, November 16, 2005

President Rugova meets KPC General Agim Çeku

(All Kosovo Dailies)

Daily newspapers give extensive coverage to the meeting between Kosovo
President Ibrahim Rugova and KPC Commander General Agim Çeku. Zëri says
on the front page that Rugova supports Çeku in the transformation of the KPC to a
defense force.

“We talked about the issue of the development and transformation of the KPC into
the future defense force of Kosovo. I promised the general that he will have my
support and the support of Kosovo institutions in having a defense force,” the
President said after the meeting. Zëri notes that yesterday the KPC marked another
step toward standards implementation by including 23 minority members in its
ranks, of which 10 were from the Serb minority. The KPC now has now over 6% of
its members comming from the minority communities. F.F

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