Monday, November 07, 2005

Serb Church offers forgiveness to Albanians

Kosovo daily Koha Ditore reports that the Serbian Orthodox Church has made a surprise offer
for mutual forgiving on the eve of the Kosovo status talks.
“We honestly offer [Albanians] reconciliation and mutual forgiving,” says a
statement placed on its webpage. This was the first time the church has asked for forgiveness
for its support of Milosevi's regime.


Anonymous said...

And by forgiveness they probably mean "let's forget about the past and move on - we all committed crimes." Which is extremely risky for Albanians since historically it doesn't happen very often that somebody is there to prevent the genocide on your people. Serb church leaders are very foxy and we shouldn't forget that they are the main instigators of the Balkan bloodshed. Conclusion: good move but proceed with caution.

Ferick said...

It's a good move on their part, but it’s political. It is totally related to the Kosovo's status. They are hoping to score some brownie points with the west and so that way their demands viza-vie Kosovo will be looked at more favorably. Not happening!

The Serbian Orthodox Church needs to ask God for forgiveness first for having supported murderers during 1990's.If God doesn't forgive eternal hell awaits them!

oleg said... lets get your background straight first, your stories right THEN come here and comment. theres this little thing called...wait what was it again?... oh thats right ETHNIC CLEANSING! i dont know WHAT theyre offering forgiveness for. the orthodox church isnt perfect, serbs did in fact kill but its not like albanians didnt. i went to kosovo every summer up until the nato bombing i have SEEN with my own eyes how life is there. ALBANIANS are the ones who are feared. women cant be out after 8 pm cuz of the albanian men. i dont have anything against all the albanians, i cant discriminate like that, but i DO have a problem with the politics and i DO have a problem with siptari (albanians living in kosovo) who, may i add, OVERPOPULATED kosovo after hundreds of years. the truth is both sides killed but america (nato) sided with albania (a nice example is israel and palestine). we who have (had) family there lost everything. i mean EVERYTHING. there are hardly any serbs left in kosovo. thats just not right. and as far as "eternal hell" awaiting dont be ignorant. youre talkin out of your ass, post a decent comments and support what youre saying, dont just THOW words. seaking of eternal hell... try our civil war...try NATO bombing...try war in kosovo since the 1400's. and by the way "serb church leaders are foxy"...what? are they in the porno industry? please, we're all human. lets behave decently.

Anonymous said...

To the above blo- oleg you shkijet have commited the crimes aginst humanaty, the crimes agianst god... your orthophocix church has(we all saw it on tv )blessd the soldires to go and kill babies women, olde poeple in the name of your orthophox sebci... serbs stared killing slovenians but they got their ass kicke.. than serbs started another war this time in croatia... they killd inisan people all over croatia..even the ill people in the hosptal in vukovar.........then the serbs stared another war this time in bosnia... should i eloborate as to how many bosnian civilian were killed?? just SREBRENICA.. were killed and buried alive babis children young men tied their hands and shot in the back.( that is how serbs know how to fight like real pussy...than the kosovo war...killed babies, children old oleaole and than take the to blegrade and therw them in the rive .buried the burnd them in factories... and now you ph-olgen hero try to tell us that we alabnians are bad ....well i go 2 words for you PHOCK YOU AND BURN IN HELL ...NEVER, NEVER FORGIVNESS... TELL YOUR CHURCH TO GO ASK FORGIVNESS FROM THE PEOPLE THAT LOST THER LOVED ONES.. TELL YOUR PRIEST TO GO KNOCK ON EACH DOOR AND ASK THOES PEOPLE FOR FORGIVNESS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS...... GOD HAD SAID THAT HE WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU SERBS UNTILL THE ONES YOUR CAUSED HARM WILL FORGIVE YOU ... OTHER WISE YOU WILL BECOME THIER SLAVES UNTILL HELL FREEZES OVER.. I have been reading latly article from voyvodina and sanjak..that people are beaten , harassed . torture just because they re' not serbs

Anonymous said...

I am an American follower of Jesus (Christian) and I have made multiple trips to Kosovo over the last few years. I confess that I don't totally understand the situation there because I have not lived it. But, I believe that the only way to a peaceful and prosperous future is through mutual foregiveness. I will also confess that my heart is very close to the Albanian people as I have many friends among them. It doesn't matter that I am Christian and most of them are Muslim. God loves us all and He commands us to do the same. The only possibility for peace requires compromise and forgiveness from both sides. As an American, I know that America is a very imperfect place and that all of our policies are not necessarily correct, but, the one thing that I believe can be learned from the American experience is that we must learn how to live in pluralistic societies. We have people from all nations, races, and religions. Again, it is not perfect, but, we have learned to live together and have accepted that we are all Americans. I pray that the same will happen in Kosovo for both Albanian and Serb.

Anonymous said...

I agree there should be mutual forgiveness and it should happen like this:
Serbia: Please forgive us for almost a century of brutal persecution that climaxed with the policies of a raving bloodthirsy lunatic like Milosevic whom we voted into power. We hope you will find generosity in your hearts and restore trust that has helped us live together for centuries. Serbia will no longer have claims upon Kosovo.

Kosovo: Thank you for enabling us to get over the pain and the suffering. We accept your apology. We apologize for intolerance and all the acts of violence committed in our name by irresponsible criminals. We wish to continue living together and sharing the wealth we have created together for centuries. Its not much, but we should be able to increase it over time.