Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Serbian Parliament "consents" to Kosovo negotiation

BELGRADE -- Wednesday – The Serbian Cabinet yesterday adopted a draft resolution on Kosovo which begins with the sentence “The Parliament of Serbia consents to the beginning of discussions on Kosovo”.

The draft goes on to say that Serbia’s state institutions are prepared to take part of the responsibility for the negotiations.

The document, which is ostensibly meant as a mandate for the state’s negotiators, then proceeds with a number of gratuitous declarations unconnected with the realistic situation.

These include an expression of faith in the UN Security Council as a guarantee of international rights and the mediation role of the United Nations in the talks.

The only surprise in the draft resolution is the inclusion of a proposal by the Serbian Radical party for a referendum to be held for the Serbian public to give its opinion on the results of the negotiations once they are concluded.

Waste of energy

Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi responded to the declaration by saying that no resolution of the Serbian Government or Parliament could have any effect on the future of Kosovo.

“Kosovo is fortunately in a phase in which no resolution can have any effect on the process which has begun,” he said.

“Instead of dealing strongly with their economy and resolving the multitude of problems in their own country, they are still wasting energy and misleading the public on Kosovo,” he said.

Meanwhile the Parliament of Kosovo is expected to discuss a resolution of its on Thursday. The resolution will say that the will of Kosovo people is
independence of Kosovo. The has been disagreements between parties on the exact wording of the resolution.
In addition to that, International Institutions have warned that the Parliament should not declare Kosovo Independent unilaterally.

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