Thursday, November 17, 2005

SRSG and KPC chief on a tour across Kosovo

Kosovo dailies cover a visit SRSG Jessen-Petersen paid to Kosovo Protection Corps
and his trip to Ferizaj, Suhareka and Prizren in the company of General Ceku.
Under the headline “Jessen-Petersen expects KPC to be a
stabilizing factor”, Zëri covers the event and quotes the SRSG as saying that the
“KPC continues to be a force to the benefit of Kosovo. It is doing many good
services of interest for the Kosovo society.”

During the visit the SRSG also referred to the latest developments regarding the
Resolution the Assembly is expected to endorse today. “The approval of a
document by the Assembly of Kosovo as a platform for the Negotiations Team
would be acceptable and it is something that any Assembly in the world would do,
but the approval of the offered Resolution would be a unilateral step and not a
good sign for the international community”, SRSG said. F.F

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