Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Status to bring early parliamentary elections

One of the leading stories in today’s Koha Ditore is a piece on the future status of
Kosovo and what the paper calls the consequent need for early parliamentary
elections. These elections would postpone the local elections scheduled for
November 2006 or will be held at the same time. According to the paper, this is
the position of representatives of the four biggest political parties and civil society
in Kosovo. The key issue that needs to be ensured for these elections, said the
representatives, is a proportional system with open lists.
The sub-header of the article says: “While UNMIK and OSCE do not comment on
the possibility of new elections after status, local representatives consider that next
year will bring to a great turning point for Kosovo and to new constitutional
changes that need to be accompanied with general elections to legitimise the new
central structures in a new reality.” Koha Ditore

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