Friday, November 25, 2005

UN Status Envoy Martti Ahtisaari visiting Belgrade

All Kosovo dailies cover the visit the UN Status Envoy Ahtisaari is paying to Belgrade
and his meetings with Serbian top officials. Dailies say that Serbian Prime Minister
Vojislav Kostunica has submitted to Ahtisaari the Serbian platform fur the future
status of Kosovo. Epoka e Re says Serbs have submitted a plan for the partition

Zëri reports that Serbian and Montenegrin Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic has
told Ahtisaari that the international recognition of Kosovo’s independence would
cause a chain of dramatic turmoil in the Balkans, Europe and the world.

Under the front-page headline “The first withdrawal”, Express reports that Serbia
has started publicly admitting that return of control in all of Kosovo is impossible.
According to the paper, Belgrade is demanding benefits concerning situation
Bosnia-Hercegovina, “in opposition with the principles of the Contact Group.”

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