Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Albanians in South Presevo Valley seek same rights as Kosovo Serbs

Albanians present autonomy platform

Presevo Valley -- Tuesday – Albanians from the South Serbian municipalities of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedje are asking for autonomy within the borders of Serbia.

The Albanian political parties within the three municipalities have nearly completed the platform, which they will present as soon as all Albanian political and community leaders have agreed on the content of the proposal. The platform is based on the principles already presented in the referendum for Albanian political and territorial autonomy, which was developed in March 1992.

If Serbian communities in Kosovo are allowed to become a part of Serbia, the platform looks to create changes in regional borders that would allow the three South Serbian municipalities to become a part of Kosovo. Leader of the Albanian Democratic Party and President of the Presevo Municipal Council, Ragmi Mustafa, said that Albanians in South Serbia agree that Kosovo Serbs should receive additional rights, because that would allow the same privileges for Albanians in South Serbia.

A work group from South Serbia is scheduled to meet in Pristina today with Veton Surrroi; a member of the Kosovo Government’s status discussions team, who the South Serbia Albanian officials expect will represent them when presenting their autonomy platform.

Serbia-Montenegro Foreign Affairs Minister Vuk Draskovic said that the Albanian officials from South Serbia need to be taking their problems to Belgrade, not Pristina.

“They can go to Pristina, but the address of the place where they have to talk about their disputes is not located in Pristina, but Belgrade.” Draskovic said.

Interestingly enough, the Kosovo government officials have been calling on Kosovo Serbs to discuss their problems with Pristina not Belgrade.*


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