Sunday, December 25, 2005

Another ethnic group springs up in Kosovo

Pristina-Kosovo[Kosova]- Another national community has been set up in Kosovo – a Bulgarian one, Serbian radio B92 reports. After the formations of the Romas, the Turks, the Egyptians, the Bosnians, the Ashkalis and Croatians, a Bulgarian national community, including citizens from Sredna Jupa and Gora, has been officially registered in the UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo).

People in Gora have reportedly started applying for Bulgarian citizenship two months ago, hoping they could travel throughout Europe without problems. According to the head of the Bulgarian consulate in Pristina Nikolai Kolev, it is the rising reputation of the country that have made Bulgarian citizenship so desired, and yet Bulgaria stays out of this because its official stand implies that a lasting solution should be reached in the course or talks between Belgrade and Pristina. In Kolev’s words only those that can prove kinship ties with Bulgarian citizens would have access to Bulgarian citizenship.

Apart from the Goranci, there are lots of Bosnians from Sredna Jupa willing to get Bulgarian passports, B92 comments. Kosovo is officially the only country in the world where anybody can form their own ethic group. In a country of 2 million people, 90 % of which belong to one ethnic group, there are now officially 10 ethnic groups. It doesn't get more diverse and multiethnic than this.

After the war of 1999 another ethnic group was formed, which now they call themselves Ashkali. "The challenge in building a new [ethnic group] was to clearly establish the separateness of the Ashkali from the Roma. He [the founder of the group] argued that Ashkali have their own distinctive form of dress, music, and marriage. This was more than enough basis for claiming a separate identity. Besides, he says, it was for him to choose his own identity-and the same went for his people". The freedom to choose is enshrined in the Kosovo Constitution! :)

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Anonymous said...

I just heard that about 300 Kines have arrived to Kosovo and they want to claim themselfs as an ethnic group with their own flag. somwhere in January.

They argued that they have bigger noses than Kines from Kina.

Ferick said...

Hah Ha Ha, You mean Chinese?
Where did you hear this from? Or are you just joking?
Take it easy,

Anonymous said...

It was just a joke but that is true that there is many Kinese people living in Kosovo. They come there after the war. and I heard that there was abut 300 kinese people that wanted asulum in Kosovo a few months ago.

What I wanted to say is that kosovo is a small country and that I wonder why ewerybodey want a piece of Kosovo.

Cant they just realise that
Kosovo is a soon own country wich belong to all people and races living there. They dont have to build new nations. Like Romas who now call them selfes for Egyptians and claim that they come to kosovo by svimming from Egypt 7000 years agoa thats childish.

I wonder how Egypt react on that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english I am French and people here dont like to learn or speak english so it is ot my foult.