Saturday, December 10, 2005

Decentralisation again on the agenda of Kosovo Team

All Kosovo dailies give extensive coverage to the meetings that the UNMIK chief
Søren Jessen-Petersen had yesterday with President Ibrahim Rugova and Assembly
Speaker Nexhat Daci. The meetings focused mainly on the issue of
decentralisation and the pre-announced meeting between ministers Haziri and
Loncar in Vienna.

Zëri quotes the UNMIK chief as saying, “Decentralisation must be led by Pristina,
but the concerns of Belgrade must also be taken into account”. The paper also
quotes President Rugova as saying that decentralisation is an issue of Kosovo and
that it will be a supplementary package of independence.
According to Express, Rugova and Daci have pledged that decentralisation will
not be included in the agenda of talks.

Lajm also quotes the President as saying that decentralisation cannot be part of
negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade.
Under the headline Team of Unity takes over decentralisation, Koha Ditore
reports that the Kosovar Quint has reached the agreement to take over the process
of decentralisation, to lead it, to create working groups and then to meet and
discuss these issues with Belgrade. At the same time, says the paper, the
international community welcomes the willingness of Kosovans and calls on them
to put in concrete work.

Express reports that the Negotiations Team has given the approval to Minister
Haziri to meet his Serbian counterpart Loncar. However, the paper adds, the
Negotiations Team has asked for the meeting not to take place immediately and
that it be postponed for a certain period of time.

On the same issue, Zëri reports on the front page that The Kosovo delegation says
no to the meeting in Vienna, other meetings are expected for this initiative.

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