Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Diplomats from Greece, Croatia and Romania visit Kosovo (Dailies)

The daily press covers the visit that a diplomatic trio of foreign diplomats from
Greece, Croatia and Romania are paying to Kosovo. Koha Ditore notes that
President Rugova and Prime Minister Kosumi have briefed the Greek Foreign
Minister and two deputy foreign ministers of Croatia and Romania about the
progress achieved in Kosovo and the current processes.

The paper also notes that the picture the Kosovan leaders carried to the diplomatic
trio was that of an independent Kosovo, ready for regional cooperation. The local
leaders said that Kosovo’s independence is the best and sole solution that is
expected from negotiations on status. They also said that European Union’s
membership remains the key goal.

Express quotes President Rugova as saying, “Independence will open new doors
to the Albanian majority and the minorities. The Albanian majority will protect the
minorities even after independence, which will affect Kosovo’s integration in

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