Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kosovo President cancels a meeting with Italian FM dues to Illness

AGI) - Pristina, Dec. 28 - The President of Kosovo [Kosova], Ibrahim Rugova, has been taken ill and has had to cancel his meeting this morning with the Italian Foreign Minister, Gianfranco Fini, who is on an official visit to the region. According to Foreign office sources, Rugova has been in bed since yesterday, due to an illness for which a hospital stay is considered unnecessary. A first aid room has been set up inside the president's home.

Later on Fini was quoted by the media as saying that Mr. Rogova's condition is stable.
"The condition of the Kosovar President, Ibrahim Rugova, who has for some time been ill with cancer, does not give cause for concern. He is in stable condition . We knew and are aware that he is fighting with all his well known determination against the illness. There is no immediate danger” Fini stated on his arrival at Pec/Peje, where the Italian contingent to Kosovo is based.

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