Friday, December 30, 2005

Macedonian PM: Kosovo is a candidate for Independent status

Macedonian Premier Vlado Buskovski has assessed that “Kosovo is a candidate
for receiving independence.” “That is my opinion. Macedonia has received the
status of a candidate for EU membership and it depends on us now whether we
will do this and deserve to enter the EU. It is the same with Kosovo. The province
is a candidate for receiving an independent status and now it depends on the
citizens who live there whether they will justify this,” Buckovski said in the New
Year’s interview for the Skoplje TV Channel 5.


Your father said...

Macedonian and Albanians same shit,what do you expect from a brothel like Macedonia.

Balkan Update said...

The Macedonian government has realized the fact that they cannot move forward without the support of the 1/4 of their population. This is why they are not objecting to the Independence of Kosovo. Besides, what will Macedonia gain if they side with Serbs?

And by the way, If Macedonians are, as you say, "shit", what does this make Serbs? Last time I checked Macedonians were a lot closer with Serbs than Albanians ethnically speaking. According to you logic, this would make Serbs “shit” as well. There is no reason to denigrate any nation or ethnic group. If you have something intelligent to say please do so, but don’t use derogatory terms.