Friday, December 23, 2005

President Rugova pays routine medical visit to US Camp Bondsteel

One of the leading stories in today’s press is the coverage on the health condition
of President Ibrahim Rugova. “Yesterday there was much speculation regarding
the President’s health condition,” reads a subheader in Zëri.

Koha Ditore reports that President Ibrahim Rugova has paid a routine medical
visit to US military camp Bondsteel on Wednesday. The information was
confirmed by Rugova’s spokesman Muhamet Hamiti. The latter said he could not
reveal details about the President’s health condition.

Zëri quotes a spokesman for the US forces in Kosovo as saying that Rugova paid a
routine medical visit to Bondsteel. Unnamed sources told the paper that his health
condition is not ‘dramatic’.

Koha Ditore notes that media in Kosovo and the region reported on Thursday that
the President’s health condition had deteriorated and that he was being treated at
the US military camp. However, LDK sources told the paper that the President
was in his residence on Thursday.

Under the front-page headline The President is well, Express quotes a source
from Rugova’s family saying that the President is well and that he is going to take
part in the meeting of the chiefs of LDK branches on the occasion of the 16th
anniversary of the party.

Critical, either Rugova’s health or communication with the public, writes Lajm
on the front page. The paper quotes advisor Sali Cacaj as saying that Rugova is
very well, while some sources close to the Government of Kosovo have said that
his condition is critical, writes Lajm.

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