Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Serbian President: Greater Albania already exists

Tadic interview to Serbian newspaper Jedinstvo

Greater Albania already exists. There is no border between Kosovo and Albania.
Movement of people and goods is taking place without the any control,
while according to Tadic there is strict control at the administrative boundary
line with Serbia. “Greater Albania already exists, it just has not been legally
recognized”, he said.

No solution for Kosovo without Belgrade, Tadic threatens says Zëri headline.
The paper says that Tadic insists on creating two entities for Kosovo, which
according to him is a good way to preserve multi-ethnicity in Kosovo and it does
not imply a territorial division.

1 comment:

Michael Petersen said...

It is naturally that free movement of people and goods is taking place in Albania Kosovo border that is the future of whole Europe.

Dont Tadlic realise that we live in 2006 and at any comunist 1970.

Welcome to Europe Tadlic