Friday, December 16, 2005

Tadic: I had a good meeting with Kosumi

Kosovo daily Express quotes Serbian President Boris Tadic as accepting that last week in
London he met with Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi. The Serbian President,
according to the paper, even spoke about the content of the meeting
which he called very good and fruitful. “It was my first meeting with Kosumi and
I can say that it was a good meeting. I presented my position on how we should
solve problems on the ground and not only deal with the issue of future status and
the constitutional and legal position of Kosovo. Mr. Kosumi agreed and said we
should talk about this,” Tadic was quoted as saying.

Other dailies quote the Serbian President as saying, “Kosovo’s independence
within Serbia”. Tadic said he was willing to grant all rights to ethnic Albanians
and maximal independence from Belgrade, under the condition of preserving the
sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.

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