Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Explosives thrown at the Albanian embassy in Serbia

Picture: Serbian youth throw rocks at the Albanian embassy in Belgrade, March 2004(BBC). Albanian embassy has been attacked several times,analysts say, because Albania supports Kosovo’s Independence.

BELGRADE (AP)--Unknown assailants threw an explosive device at the Albanian embassy in Belgrade, causing minor damage, police said Tuesday.
The device was thrown Sunday evening, causing some damage to the facade of the embassy building. Police gave no other details.
The incident comes before crucial U.N.-brokered talks on Kosovo.

Albania has supported the desire of the Kosovo Albanians to gain independence from Serbia but Belgrade wants to retain at least formal control over the province.
Diplomatic relations between Belgrade and Tirana were cut at the time but were re-established after Milosevic was ousted in 2000 by a pro-Western coalition.

Albania protests

(Xinhuanet) -- Albanian Deputy Foreign Minister Edith Harxhi called a meeting with the Serbian ambassador to Tirana on Monday, and handed him a note of protest over the explosion in the Albanian embassy in Belgrade, a foreign ministry news release said.
The note condemns the explosion and demands the authority of Belgrade detain the suspects and bring them to justice. It also asks the Belgrade government to take necessary measures to protect the Albanian embassy and its diplomatic staff in Belgrade in conformity with the Convention of Vienna.
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania wishes this act remain isolated and not affect the bilateral and regional relations," the note reads.
It also says the Albanian government hopes that similar acts, which run counter to the joint efforts for the enhancement of bilateral relations, would not happen again in the future.

The Serbian government has not made a statement about the incident as of today. In addition to that, the Serbian media have not even reported about the explosion . Kosovo news agengy, QIK, reported today that some Serbian officials are trying to downplay the incident and the Serbian media is going alone with it.

AP,Xinhuanet and QIK.

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