Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fatos Bytyci meets the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor

This one is from the Serbian daily Danas:

“I came from New York to Belgrade at the invitation of Special War Crimes
Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic. We talked and concluded that the investigation has
come to the main door, but it does not have the key to it. This key is Vlastimir
Djordjevic, the former no. 2 of the Serbian Police,” says Fatos Bytyqi, the brother
of three US citizens (Kosovar Albanians from Prizeren), whose mortal remains have
been found in a mass grave near Petrovo Selo in Serbia.

Agron, Illi and Mehmet Bytyci were released from Prokuplje prison
in July 1999, where they served 11 days in prison for violating the border regime.
According to a private investigation conducted by the Bytyci family, they were
killed right by the fence of the Serbian Special Police Force compound in Petrovo
Selo. “It cannot be said that only Vlastimir Djordjevic is responsible. Goran
Radosavljevic a.k.a. Guri was also in contact with him. He knows everything,”
says Bytyci. According to him, eight more people were also involved in the murder.

Bitici says that the US Secretary of Justice and the US Embassy exert pressure on
the Serbian authorities to get to the bottom of this and face criminals to justice.

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