Thursday, January 12, 2006

Former US Office chief in Pristina: Kosovo should be Independent

Former US Office chief in Pristina John Menzis visits Kosovo (Dailies)
Kosovo dailies cover the visit of the former chief of the US Office in Pristina,
John Menzis.

‘Menzis: In my opinion, Kosovo should be independent’, says Bota Sot frontpage
headline. Zëri carries a similar headline: ‘Kosovo has made enough progress
to be an independent country’.

Dailies report that John Menzis met with Parliamentary chief Nexhat Daci and
Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi and said that Kosovo has its place in the European
family, as an independent country, and according to dailies he reminded the
institutions that they need to do more in the area of economic development, rule of
law and internal democratisation.

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