Thursday, January 12, 2006

Karic threatens to overthrow the Serbian government

Karic Threaten Kostunica with Repetition of 5 October Scenario

Speaking at a session of his party in northern Mitrovica, the PSS leader Bogoljub
Karic accused Serbian PM Vojislav Kostunica of using the secret police, tycoons
and the media to demonize him and label him as an arch-traitor and an enemy of
the state.

Vecernje Novosti cites Karic as saying that Kostunica’s cabinet will not
even have enough time to slate early elections, because 5 October scenario will be
repeated: “The same way they came to power they will be forced to leave,” said
Karic. “I gave everything to Kostunica: my family, my heart and soul. I had
financed his election campaign only to find out that I was tricked. Vojislav
Kostunica, Rade Bulatovic and Aleksandar Nikitovic are to be blamed for every
attempt to intimidate and lynch my family and me,” adding out that a high DSS
official had offered him €500 million to withdraw from politics and quit talking
about Kosovo. He said that he came to Mitrovica from Brezovica and announced
the PSS public rally in Belgrade for Friday afternoon, but could not precise
whether he would be there or not.

According to him, this will depend on his security team threat assessment.
Blic reports that Bogoljub Karic arrived in northern Mitrovica from the
the southern part of the city in a jeep that he rented in Pristina.

Blic learns from its source that Karic had been in Montenegro and that he
came to Mitrovica via Pejë/Peć. “Whether he met with Ekrem Luka there, it is
something that I can neither confirm nor dismiss,” said Blic’s source.


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