Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kosovo Governor-2006 will be difficult but decisive year

This is what Jessen-Petersen said upon returning from holiday at the
Pristina Airport, Kosovo dailies report.

Jessen-Petersen wants professional people to lead the two new ministries, says
Zëri on the front page, while Koha Ditore headlines – Creation of the two new
ministries an issue not only for the government coalition.

“I do not see why the creation of the two new ministries should be a matter just of
the coalition government. I am sure that they can agree on the allocation of the
new ministerial posts. But what they have to agree upon is to appoint ministers, as
I said earlier, who command respect because of their professionalism, because
they are ready to assume responsibilities on behalf of each and every citizen in
Kosovo – Kosovo Albanians, Kosovo Serbs, other minorities. We are looking for
appointments that can make sure that all communities feel that they can have trust
in those new institutions,” dailies quote the SRSG as saying.

Jessen Petersen back, asks for more work this year, says Epoka e Re on the front
page. Jessen-Petersen advices the Government to work harder, writes Bota Sot
also on the front page.
Express quotes the SRSG as saying, “This will be a decisive year for Kosovo; it is
very important that it does not become a divisive year.” The SRSG said that
everyone knows what the goal and the ambition of the vast majority in Kosovo is.
To reach that goal, hard work is required.

In a separate box, Zeri quotes the SRSG as stating that he will be presenting the
next report on Kosovo to the UN Security Council on 31 January. “This is pretty
important, because Mr. Ahtisaari and others have made it clear that we need to see
further progress on standards; I have also made it clear. And I hope that on 31
January I can convey to the Security Council a very strong commitment on the
part of the PISG and the people of Kosovo to see further progress on standards,”
the SRSG said.

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