Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kosovo Governor thinking about consensual President

From the Kosovo daily newspaper Express:

“Whilst concerns over the health condition of President Rugova are growing,
options are being considered to prevent an eventual institutional vacuum. Søren
Jessen-Petersen and Philip Goldberg have started talking about finding a
President,” says the subheader of the leading front-page article in Express.
The paper quotes an unnamed UNMIK official as saying, “We cannot know… a
war for posts can immediately erupt within LDK… and things could take on an
unpleasant direction.”

The idea of finding a consensual president, according to Express, implies finding a
non-political person.

An unnamed member of the LDK presidency told the paper: “To be frank, no one
is preparing a written plan of what should be done in case Rugova can no longer
deal with politics… But it is absolutely clear that every member of the LDK
presidency thinks he will become president.”
Express also notes that the opposition supports the idea of a consensual president,
if the need arises.

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