Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kupchan says Kosovo solution will appease Macedonia

Washington, 5.01.2006

If the situation in Kosovo appeases, it would have a positive impact on Macedonia, said Charles Kupchan, a Professor of International Realtions at Georgetown University and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

While making an address at a gathering on the Balkans, organized by the Foundation Heritage, Kupchan stressed that radicalization of Albanian community in Macedonia originates from Kosovo.

Radio Voice of America says the participants shared the position that the best solution for Kosovo is conditional independence because it will calm down the Albanian community in Kosovo and will enable Kosovo's Serbs to stay in their fatherland.

Following the independence, a rebuild of multiethnicity is worth of trying, Kupchan said, underlying the need for long-term presence of the international community, troops and police.

He added that the option of Kosovo's division should remain on the negotiation table, as such solution is more suitable for Pristina rather than reintegration of northern Kosovo. /end/

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