Friday, January 27, 2006

Rugova’s successor?

The new Kosovo president to succeed the late Ibrahim Rugova will be his party
colleague Fatmir Seidiu, the Pristina daily in Albanian Express published quoting
“international sources.” The daily asserts that Rugova’s post as the party leader
will be taken by Adem Salihaj, one of the prominent members of this ruling party
in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the most influential Hungarian daily Nepsabadsag brought forward the
prediction that Veton Suroi could be the most acceptable solution in the possible battle for
Rugova’s successor. The daily states that Suroi has an advantage because the
international community would accept him, and that the US stands behind him,
which could also be decisive. Other meadia have said the the current speaker of
the Assembly Nexhat Daci will replace Rugova.

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