Sunday, January 22, 2006

Serbian leader send condolences on the occasion of Rugova’s death

Most Serbian leaders have sent condolences on the occasion of Rugova’s death. Missing from the list is the Prime Minister of Serbia, Vojislav Kostunica.

The SCG President Svetozar Marovic has expressed regret over the death of Ibrahim Rugova and
sent expressions of condolences to his family and the Albanian community in Kosovo, announced
the cabinet of the SCG President. Rugova was “known and respected as the advocator of a
peaceful way of achieving political goals,” said Marovic. He voiced hope that “such a way of
conducting politics, which was only unique to Ibrahim Rugova, will be dominant in the future as
well among Kosovo politicians and institutions

Serbian President Boris Tadic has sent his condolences to the family and all members of the
Albanian community in Kosovo over the death of Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova. “I respected
Ibrahim Rugova as a politician and long-time leader of Kosovo Albanians. I am sincerely sad
over his death that is a big loss for all Albanians in Kosovo,” said Tadic. “I hope that Ibrahim
Rugova’s death will not ruin the efforts to find a peaceful, compromise and harmonizing solution
for the province’s future status,” he said. “Only such a solution can satisfy the legitimate interests
of both sides and contribute to political stability and European perspective of the entire region,”
reads Tadic’s statement sent by the press service of the Serbian President.

On the occasion of the death of Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova, the SCG Foreign Minister
Vuk Draskovic has asked UNMIK Head Søren Jessen Petersen to convey his expressions of
condolences to Rugova's family, as well as to Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci and Premier
Bajram Kosumi, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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