Friday, January 27, 2006

Solana impressed with dignity of the Kosovo people

Dailies cover the meeting of the EU High Representative Javier Solana with the
Negotiations Team of Kosovo. Zëri reports that it was the first meeting of the EU
diplomat with Kosovo leaders where no politics whatsoever was discussed.

“It was a moment of prayers, of expressing regrets, friendship and cooperation.
This is what we did in the meeting. It was a brief meeting but sufficient to express
in favour of friendship”, Solana said after the meeting with the Negotiations Team
of Kosovo, dailies report.

Express writes that Solana has asked the Negotiations Team to stay united, and
not to delay the election of the new President for Kosovo and also not to turn
down Vienna meeting.

Under the headline Daci ignores initiative for election of the new president, Koha
Ditore reports based on its own sources, that when they raised the speeding up of
procedures to find a new president, the Assembly chief, Nexhat Daci, brought the
meeting to a close, saying it was a day of mourning and that Kosovars will discuss
it by themselves.

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