Friday, January 20, 2006

Switzerland supports formal Independence of Kosovo

VIENNA -- Friday -Swiss Federal Councilor ( Foreign Minister) Micheline Calmy-Rey has said that the problems in Kosovo represent a huge burden for the entire region and that Independence of the province would help resolve many issues there. Her comments were published in an opinion piece in the Viennese newspaper "Prese".

"“As long as its status remains undefined, property and legal problems cannot be solved. As long as there are is no legal authority or order, no one will want to invest in Kosovo"” Calmy-Rey said.

Calmy-Rey said that Kosovo cannot afford to owe anyone money with its current status, because it cannot offer any guarantees that the money will be returned, added that this includes all monetary outlets, including international financial institutions, which is why much of the population remains unemployed.

She reminded that Switzerland stated before the United Nations Security Council on May 27, 2005, that it supports the immediate beginning of the Kosovo status discussions, and that putting Kosovo back under the sovereignty of Serbia is unimaginable and unwanted.

"“Because of this, Switzerland supports the formal independence of Kosovo and supports the fact that the UN, through its Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari, is ready to begin the future status discussions"” Calmy-Rey said.

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