Friday, February 03, 2006

Assembly Speaker Daci supports Sejdiu’s candidacy

Most dailies report that Kosovo Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci has supported the
candidacy of LDK secretary general Fatmir Sejdiu for the post of President of
Kosovo. Daci told the US delegation led by Frank Wisner, that he would support
Sejdiu’s candidacy and at the same time requested that the President should
continue to be the head of the Kosovo Negotiations Team, Zëri reports.

Epoka e Re reports that Daci also told Wisner that the Kosovo delegation for the
meeting in Vienna is ready and that it would go there on February 20th in a sevenmember

Under the front-page headline He withdraws temporarily, Express reports that
Daci has definitively abandoned the race for the President of Kosovo by
supporting Fatmir Sejdiu. However, according to the paper, Daci will try to gain
control over the LDK. “But if someone like Adem Salihaj is elected party leader,
Daci will leave the LDK,” an unnamed source from the LDK told the paper. Mr Salihaj
who is a deputy Prime Minister, is considered to be a party militant and not like by the
opposition parties.

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