Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Death of Yugoslavia, Part I ( Video Documentary)

The Death of Yugoslavia! This is a documentary by the Private Serb TV ZIP. It's a 4 hours-2 parts (this is the first part) program that details the destruction of Yugoslavia. About 90% of the program is in Serbian, but there a little bit in Albanian, Slovenian and English.
It€'s a very detailed and I would say pretty accurate analysis with movers and shakers of the region. The program actually shows the meeting where the destruction of Yugoslavia started (I could not believe they had recorded it). Some of the many leaders featured in this program include: Slobodan Milosevic,Tujman, Izetbegovic,Karadzic,Mladic, Sheshel, Haris Siladjic, Azzem Vllasi(Albanian), Richard Holbrook, W. Clark, Ch. Hill and many many more. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Ferik, I wanted to suggest this documentary. It's truly revealing and in their own words. I recommend everyone watch it since it's really the scenerio which former-Yu followed to destruction.

I finally set aside some time today to watch the other one about Srebrenica. It's disgusting how those people could celebrate on the same day as that of the massacre.

Anonymous said...

Once again, this was also shown by BBC and other public TVs in Europe. There has to be a translated version somewhere.

Balkan Update said...

I agree this is a must-see video for anybody interested in that region. I have also the second part which I will be posting very soon (It's another 2 hours).

Now, I am not sure if there are any English copies of this program but I would be interested in getting a copy of it. If anybody has any suggestion where to get that copy, please let me know.

Ivan Zverzhanovski said...

The programme looks very very similar to the BBC "Death of Yugoslavia" series. The material used is the same