Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kosovo Government opens temporary liaison office in Vienna

K. Daily Zëri reports that the temporary office in Vienna will serve as a liaison center for the
Kosovo delegation during status talks. Its chairman has not yet been appointed, and
it’ll be financed from the Kosovo budget.

“It will be a temporary office, as a center for Kosovo, because now we will have
continuous shuttling of the Kosovo delegation to and from Vienna and the office will
be a coordination center for the delegation until the solution of the status”, Zëri quotes
Government official Sylë Ukshini as saying for Kosovalive News Agency.

Dailies report that the Government took this step having in mind, as they say, the
status process taking place in Vienna, where the UN Special Status Envoy has his
office and because Austria is currently in the EU Presidency.

Government creates ‘home’ for negotiators in Vienna, reports Koha Ditore.
Kosovo with a coordination office in Vienna, writes Iliria Post. The office does not
have a diplomatic character, but will be at the service of Kosovo’s Delegation, it says.
Kosovo Dailies

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