Friday, February 24, 2006

Serbs oppose Independence for Kosovo, but give mixed signals about alternatives

BELGRADE -- Thursday – According to the most recent Gallup polls, more than 70 per cent of Serbian citizens are opposed to Kosovo independence, while only six per cent support this option completely.

Forty-one per cent of Serbian citizens support regional autonomy, while 12 per cent want the Kosovo status to return to what it was before 1999. Ten per cent of those surveyed want Kosovo to become a republic within the federal union of Serbia-Montenegro, while ten per cent want the region to be divided into cantons separated by ethnicity. A total of 1,000 citizens were surveyed.

Director of the Medium Gallup Agency, Srbobran Brankovic, reminded that according to surveys conducted in April 1998, 65 per cent of Serbian citizens supported autonomy, while four per cent supported Kosovo independence. In November 2000, 49 per cent supported autonomy and one percent independence.

The latest surveys show that Kosovo autonomy within Serbia is supported most by supporters of the Socialist Party of Serbia, with 61 per cent of the party’s supporters choosing this option. Most of the people who support dividing Kosovo into cantons by ethnicity are supporters of the Democratic Party. B92

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