Friday, March 10, 2006

Ahtisaari plans new Kosovo resolution

BELGRADE -- Friday – According to daily Politika, UN Kosovo status envoy Martti Ahtisaari is discussing a potential, new Kosovo resolution with US government officials.

Politika claims that Ahtisaari talked to US administration officials in Washington D.C. yesterday about a new proposal that would not mention Kosovo independence at all, but would include a step-by-step integration for Kosovo into international organisations.

Citing reliable sources in Washington, the daily writes that during the meeting between Ahtisaari and US diplomats, the idea of a resolution was mentioned, that would be adopted after the first phase of the Kosovo status discussions, which should be finished within the next six months. The principle idea of the resolution would be solving the problem of the Serbian minority’s status, which will be highlighted in the decentralisation talks. Depending on how quickly the guarantees are achieved, Kosovo would then be able to gradually incorporate itself into international financial, athletic and various other institutions.

At the same time, UN member countries would be allowed to, if they wished to do so, begin discussions with the Kosovo Government regarding its recognition as a new nation.

Politika states that these changes in the formula would probably be acceptable for Russia and China, because both countries do not like the idea of proclaiming Kosovo to be independent. Russia would in that way be able to keep its promise to Belgrade that it will not accept a solution that is deemed unacceptable by, or imposed on Belgrade.

According to US State Department officials, the bilateral discussions about Kosovo independence would last years, because they would depend on whether all of the UN Security Council’s demands have been fulfilled. B92

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