Thursday, March 30, 2006

Belgrade won't govern Kosovo

Vuk DraskovicBELGRADE -- Serbia-Montenegro Foreign Affairs Minister Vuk Draskovic said that Serbia should make it clear to everyone that Belgrade does not wish to have political control over Kosovo. “Serbia should clearly state that it does not govern Kosovo and that it will not govern Kosovo and that it is up to the Albanian majority to govern Kosovo, while respecting the rights of the Serbs. Serbia should state that we absolutely support an independent and parallel road for Kosovo towards Europe and that we have nothing against having Kosovo recognised as being independent by all international organisations, expect for the United Nation.” Draskovic said. “There will be no seat in the United Nations and no change in the current borders with Albania and Macedonia.” Draskovic said, adding that this is a proposal of compromise, which is one of the principles insisted on by the Contact Group. “Kosovo cannot be European if its future and destiny is imposed by force on Serbia. There is much room for finding a solution and maintaining all the legitimate rights of the Albanian minority and protecting the rights of the minorities, especially the Serbs, at the same time. I do not think that anyone in the Contact Group has made a concrete decision that Kosovo independence is unavoidable.” Draskovic said. Beta

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Anonymous said...

Serbs will take over parts of Kosovo and separate them from the ALbanian mafia which now runs it. Serbs and Belgrade will govern serbs parts of Kosovo.