Friday, March 31, 2006

Ceku in talks with Serbian press

I expect Kosovo to become an independent state by the end of the year, said
Kosovo Premier Agim Ceku in talks with the Belgrade press. “We haven’t given
an ultimatum that this must happen in the course of this year, but the entire process
is heading that way,” said Ceku. Asked whether there was a possibility of unrest or
some mass discontent if that happens, Ceku responded there could be unrest and
frustrations only in case of a negative outcome of this process, and the negative
outcome is, in his words, everything except independence of Kosovo. Asked what
is then discussed in Vienna if the stand of the Kosovo Albanians is independence
and nothing else, he said their offer is being discussed. As he said, the Kosovo
Albanian negotiating team is proving in Vienna that Kosovo will be a functional
and stable society. “We want the international community to be present in Kosovo
only because of the minorities, until they start trusting Kosovo institutions. We
assure both Serbs and the international community that our goal is an independent
but democratic Kosovo, where human rights will be respected,” said Ceku.

I wish to be the premier to all Kosovo citizens, to help everyone, mostly Serbs,
because they are most concerned for their position,” said Ceku, adding that he will
surely go to some Serb region and explain his stands, especially that Kosovo
institutions are honest and serious in their offer to Serbs to integrate in the Kosovo

The Serbian leadership should leave them alone to decide. Kosovo Serbs
should cooperate with us, request from us safety of movement and all other rights,
while we are obliged to offer them this. I think they will understand this. I had
talks with the leaders of the Serb communities, they are pretty willing to
cooperate, but, unfortunately, they depend a great deal from the political decisions
from Belgrade, said Ceku.


Anonymous said...

Ceku is a terrorist and a murderer and Serbs will not trust him. Who knows whether or not he is planning a genocide against Kosovo Serbs.

WARchild said...


I put a link on my new blog to yours. Keep it up.

Balkan Update said...

Thanks man. Your link is showing up on the right side of this site as well. Good luck.

Balkan Update said...

It doesn't really matter whether Serbs trust Ceku or not. I don't get your point? Albanian's don't trust Koshtunica either, but that doesn’t make a difference on what he does in Serbia.

Please stop this BS about genocide against Serbs. I don't know why you even bring up the genocide card. You know who is known for genocides and crimes in the Balkans? If not, I will be happy to elaborate..........

Anonymous said...

Ceku has committed crimes against Serbs in Croatia and Kosovo. A Kosovo with him as leader will mean genocide against Serbs.

Kosovo Serbs should become independent or attached to Serbia.

Balkan Update said...

Yeah right. Stop this emotional nonsense. There is no point in countering your mythical events. If you want to argue about real life and real events I will be happy to- I don’t want to waste my time arguing about myths and fantasy.