Monday, March 20, 2006

Ceku looking for appropriate collocutors

Kosovo Premier Agim Ceku will be making an attempt to establish good
relations with Serbs. Representatives of the Serb community are not very much in
the mood to cooperate with him, having in mind his past and role in the KLA.

Members of SNC and the Association of Serb municipalities of Kosovo have
openly said there are no talks with Ceku. He has already talked with SLKM
representatives, but no agreement has been reached. It is certain at this moment
that Ceku will be cooperating with the leader of the Serbian Democratic Party of
Kosovo and Kosovo Minister for Returns Slavisa Petkovic and Kosovo Deputy
Minister for Internal Affairs Dejan Jankovic. Glas has learned in Pristina that
Ceku is willing to talk with all Serb leaders and influential Serbs.

Glas Javnosti


Anonymous said...

But Serbs don't want good relations. Their goal is to prove that coexistence in Kosova is unworkable and thus partition Kosova in enclaves. That's why they stay out of parliament and don't compete for the minister of returns position, whose goal is to help them return.

Balkan Update said...

You are right that most Serbs have isolated their communities, and for that they have themselves to blame for. They are still hoping that somehow Serbia's rule will return over Kosovo.

The good news is that some Serbs are starting to realize that they need to integrate in the Kosovo society. Those that realize this sooner will benefit more. There is nothing Serbia can do to help Kosovo Serbs...They better start looking up to Ceku…..he can get things done. Koshtunica cannot get anything done in Serbia let alone in Kosovo.