Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Contact Group unravels expectations from new Kosovo government

Koha Ditore reports that Contact Group representatives in Pristina are not worried
about the noise coming from Belgrade about the designation of Agim Çeku as
Prime Minister of Kosovo. According to the paper, CG representatives want this
proposal to bring renewed efforts in the implementation of the Standards and on
the issue of the minorities.

Koha notes that the British want to see honesty from Çeku with regards to the
minorities and high energy in the tasks that await him. The Americans, this time
along, are saying very little about Çeku. The French want acceleration in the
process of election and acceleration of status negotiations. The Russians want
Çeku to work according to the will of the people, but not to forget the minorities.

In the leading front-page article, Express reports that Agim Çeku is expected to
take over the mandate this week. The paper reports that the entire government
cabinet will remain in his government, except for Adem Salihaj, at least for
another three months. “Surroi was involved in the negotiations for the new
Government and he is still ready, but the coalition believes that he has asked too
much, including the post of Deputy Prime Minister,” Express reports.

In the same article, Express reports that Çeku met SLKM leader Oliver Ivanovic
yesterday. The paper quotes Çeku as saying, “I had a meeting with Mr. Ivanovic. I
offered him what they are entitled to – a post of minister and two deputy ministers.
There has been no agreement, he will continue his consultations and then we will meet again".

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